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Donna Grossman Mosaics‚Äč


It's A Small World

Posted by [email protected] on October 16, 2014 at 8:00 AM

 For quite some time now a young man by the name of Mike Kelly visits our home twice yearly and takes care of our lovely piano. He is kind and soft spoken and good naturedly puts up with our three cats that he is highly allergic to. Thank goodness for antihistamines.

I enjoy his visits. For about an hour you hear the soft pinging of each key as he tunes them, then with a grand flourish Mike lets his fingers fly across the keyboard in an explosion of glorious sound. For a few minutes our home is filled with incredible melody and I am thoroughly delighted.

Last January Mike sat at the piano and the winter sun caught his profile and I knew I had to paint his picture. There was Rembrandt and Vermeer in those sunbeams! I’ve been working on the painting on and off throughout the year. This past month Mike came to tune the piano and I showed him my progress.

I think he liked it and we talked about the different paintings I had displayed on the wall and he commented on “The Fiddler”. I explained that my art teacher, Kevin McEvoy played the fiddle for us sometimes in the studio and like Mike, I had captured him on camera so I could paint him on canvas.

Mike’s face lit up. You see, Mike’s father is an acclaimed fiddle player by the name of Pete Kelly. He was Kevin’s teacher and Kevin wrote an essay of his time with Pete. Kevin also painted a beautiful painting of a fiddle and a piece of music that Mr. Kelly hand copied for young Kevin to practice. One day Mike’s wife found the blog about her father in law online. She contacted Kevin and was able to obtain a copy of the essay and painting for Pete’s birthday.

I am almost finished with the painting now and I smile to myself thinking about happy connections in life. It seems that the Kellys were meant both for music and canvas and that teacher and student meant to paint them.

For Kevin’s blog and painting:

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